It’s okay to be different, in fact, embrace it.

Nowadays, it’s impossible to find anything new. Perhaps due to exceptional developments over the past century and a reduction in the pool of possible ideas, it seems as if all of the low hanging fruit has been taken, and innovation seems to only arrive as a simple adaptation or improvement of an existing thing.

Looking back on our materialistic lives, it is extremely clear that these adaptations are merely marginally better than their previous models. A new iPhone has never revolutionized the world in the same way that it did when the first model was introduced, when it was its own new thing, with nothing to compare it to.

The interesting thing is that we are all born as a new product — different from anything, or anyone that has ever previously existed. Our lives progress with constant pressure from educational and societal structures, which we can succumb to, and ultimately become lost in the crowd as another new model with only minimal aspects separating us from the person to our left. Or, another route can be taken, in which we embrace our individuality.

It’s no surprise that everyone is similar in most aspects. We live in cities, mere meters away from each other, and have extremely comparable daily experiences. We take the same train, walk along the same roads, work at similar companies, and have similar friends. However, it is what and how you think that truly separates one person from another.

The thing is, most people are wrong about most things. Now, this is also true for yourself, which must first be acknowledged, in order to avoid developing a malevolent view of the world. However, most people are only wrong about something, simply due to the fact that they adopted this view from another person, who likely adopted it from someone else, and so on. It is the people who manage to avoid this process that find themselves separated from the crowd, and experiencing failures on their own. Although it is by making one’s own mistakes that lessons are learned, growth occurs, and, subsequently, a unique personality is sculpted.

No one has all of the answers, however, until then, we must keep diving headfirst into the unknown, and making the most out of our failures as a unique person.



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